IPP works closely with government agencies to help prevent
counterfeiting of passports, visas, driving licenses, banknotes and
other documents of high value. This work involves security design
specifications, recommendations for security technologies, audits
of manufacturing sites, strategy planning, implementation and many
other areas.

IPP works with software brand owners. IPP facilitates counterfeit
deterrence programs and easy authentication techniques for genuine
products. This can take the form of identifying security technologies
and strategies for the packaging of the product, the product itself, or a
combination of both.

IPP is closely involved with helping to quantify and prevent
counterfeiting of hardware items, such as routers, switches and printed
circuit boards, as well as facilitating the easy and quick distinction
between genuine and fake products. Both the packaging and the
products themselves can be used to implement security technology and
sometimes, they are used in conjunction with each other.

IPP is involved in manufacturing site audits, design proposals,
counterfeit strain analysis and many other areas of brand protection

IPP works closely with pharmaceutical brand owners to minimize the
risk of counterfeiting of medicines. This can involve in-depth counterfeit
strain analyses to determine the techniques counterfeiters employ to
copy a design, the number of counterfeit manufacturing sites, or to be
used as evidence in a court of law. Understanding the manufacturing
process of a counterfeiter, and hence their limitations, can point towards
the best features to use to prevent counterfeiting. IPP also works with
pharmaceutical companies on pure anti-counterfeit strategy, designs
and manufacturing site audits.

A very lucrative market for the counterfeiters, IPP assists clients in
deploying deterrent technologies for the cosmetics and toiletries industry
to reduce counterfeit volume, enhance ease of authentication and
understand more about the counterfeiters' manufacturing processes.
More often than not, the packaging plays a vital role in protecting such
brands and by introducing the right security technology and roll-out
strategy, the problem can be significantly reduced. IPP also works with
cosmetic companies on pure anti-counterfeit strategy, designs, audits
and more.

IPP's work with tobacco manufacturers involves protecting tobacco
products from counterfeiting and making it easier to distinguish a genuine
product from a fake product. In many cases, the packaging is the key to
protecting the integrity of a tobacco brand and the choice of features and
technologies is crucial for a successful strategy. IPP assists in developing
a good brand protection program and strategies for deterring mass scale

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