IPP offers its clients services in the area of Counterfeit Evaluation.
This service provides support to investigators focusing on counterfeit
product in the marketplace. Through forensic examination, it is often
possible to identify manufacturing “fingerprints” that show evidence of
same source manufacturing.  Some examples of manufacturing
equipment might include dies, embossing plates and lamination
plates.  Material examples might include such things as films, plates
and various graphical patterns.  There are often distinguishing
characteristics of printing processes that can be identified in
packaging.  This form of examining manufacturing methodology allows
product to be classified into different types or strains of counterfeit
product.  It helps support investigations by providing evidence that can
be utilized by investigators when approaching local authorities with
requests to close down or raid a counterfeit operation.

IPP is equipped with a modern laboratory and possesses the expertise
to analyze and classify counterfeit strains providing full support to our
clients during investigations into counterfeit sources and rings.  This
unique service supports investigators not only with analysis of
counterfeits, but also with evidence of compromised deterrent features
where deployed.  With our analysis, clients can more easily gauge the
effectiveness of counterfeit deterrent technologies that are used in
protecting their brand. 

IPP also offers the establishment of databases where counterfeit
product information and images can be stored for reference by our
clients.  Historical information can be used to support investigations,
establish metrics for security technologies and provide information to
help future design and development of technical packaging

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