John Mercer

John Mercer has worked in the secure document field for more than
thirty years.

For 19 years he worked as a chemist and manager at the US Treasury
Bureau of Engraving & Printing in the areas of materials research,
security features, quality assurance, and postage stamp printing. He
wrote test methods for currency soiling and durability, worked on the
first generation of new US currency.

From 1994-2005 he worked at the US State Department, Bureau of
Consular Affairs as the Projects Officer for security features for the US
passport and visa.  His last job was to lead the design team for the
new US ePassport--not only the design but integration of new security
features and the addition of the chip.

He has worked with ICAO since the ICAO TAG/MRTD of 1994.  He
chaired the Document Content and Format Working Group (DCFWG)
within the TAG for seven years, writing about two dozen working papers
in that time, attended a FAL Division meeting and has chaired a
session at each ICAO Symposium.  

He has spoken at three Intergraf meetings, an Interpol Currency &
Travel Document Fraud conference, several CardTech, PISEC, PIRA
and Optical Document Security and Holography conferences. He has
written several articles in Keesing Journal, TAPPI, and other publications.    

In "retirement" he continues to consult on passport, visa and identity
issues. For IOM he has provided analysis of national passport and
identity documents, and provided training in both large meeting and
small group settings.

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