Doug Gordon

Mr Gordon has been in the secure document industry for over thirty
years. In that time he developed many new techniques and processes
to thwart \counterfeiters and is the holder of three patents. Much of the
time was spent at British American Bank Note, where Mr Gordon was
promoted to R&D. On leaving the company he was the only full time
employee in the department with responsibility for all aspects of the

While there he had a brief to prepare the company to enter the next
century with a mandate that covered all branches of secure documents
including a focus on currency, passports and cards. During this time
BABN advertised itself as the second largest security printer in the
world and was a full service security printer engaged in many products
and processes.

In 1993 Mr Gordon was invited to join AIT corporation as a Senior
Technology Advisor. AIT were world leaders in machine readable travel
documents. Mr Gordon advised on many projects for different
Governments including Canada where he had responsibility to find and
select the current passport printing process.

Since leaving AIT Mr Gordon has formed his own company and is
regarded as an authority on document security. He has extensive
experience with passport standards groups, written many trade press
articles and is an invited speaker in numerous industry forums.

Mr. Gordon continues to advise companies and governments in secure
card design and specifications.

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