IPP works as an independent source for security solutions,
recommendations, evaluations, training and implementation of security
programs.  Our clients’ requests along with any information on their
programs/projects are handled in strict confidence.  Unlike what is often
seen today with the many security organizations that have evolved in the
interest of a pure business opportunity, IPP does not associate or
participate with industry groups where vendors are active participants.
These types of organizations do not give unbiased support, but exist in
most cases to serve their members with referrals and direct solution that
result in contracts given to member companies.

IPP maintains an unbiased approach in all work, resulting in what is best
for the client regardless of source.  The staff of IPP has provided technical
design specifications for such security products as Passports, Visas, Birth Certificates, Olympic ID Documents, Banknotes, Gift Vouchers, Branded
Products & Security Packaging.

IPP welcomes the opportunity to be of service to all clients regardless of
size. Other differentiators include:

  • Headquarters in Region Frequently Chosen for Outsourcing of
  • Based in the Center of Counterfeiting Activity
  • Extensive Knowledge of Security Technologies and Program
  • In-Depth Understanding of the Security Industry Landscape
  • Responsive to Tailoring Offerings to Fit Clients’ Needs

IPP is Dedicated and Committed to the Ongoing Integrity of Our
Customers’ Products

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